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Getting The Best Out Of Your Aesthetic Clinic Treatments

At Christopher Maerevoet, we have a range of aesthetic treatments to address your skin concerns, helping you to achieve firmer, clearer skin. It’s important that you take care between visits to our aesthetic clinic to make sure you are getting the best results from your treatment. There are a few simple lifestyle changes that you can make and, by doing these, you will increase the effectiveness of your treatments, enjoying the benefits for longer and getting the best value for your money.

Make Sure You Get Enough Sleep

Medical experts place a huge emphasis on the need for sleep because of the many health benefits it gives for both mind and body. Your body recovers and repairs itself when you sleep, part of this being the production of collagen, which helps to prevent sagging skin. So if you’re having a course of microneedling, by getting a good night’s sleep between aesthetic clinic visits, you’ll be supplementing the treatment naturally!

How much sleep do you need? Seven to nine hours is considered to be a good amount, though more than 37 million people across the country do not get this. Remember, you don’t go to sleep as soon as you hit the pillow, and you might spend some of the time awake, so it’s best to allow for this when you’re planning the amount of time you’d like to sleep for.

Cut Down On Alcohol

If you look at yourself in the mirror in the morning after a big night out, you can probably see the effects of alcohol on your face. Alcohol is extremely dehydrating. The loss of water in your face will lead to sagging and dry skin, and any wrinkles will be pronounced.

Alcoholic drinks are also full of sugar, with four medium glasses of wine containing 636 calories. An excess of sugar can inflame your skin tissue, which could cause redness and blotching, and make acne breakouts, rosacea, and thread veins more likely. If you’re having IPL Treatments at our aesthetic clinic for any of these conditions, it’s probably good to limit your drinking or drink water regularly when you’re out, plus drink a glass or two before bed.

Protect Yourself From The Sun Between Aesthetic Clinic Visits

Sun exposure is responsible for most of the changes in the skin that we often think are part of the natural process of ageing. The UV rays from the sun break down vital collagen and elastin in our skin, causing wrinkles, pigmentation and age spots. We often think that UV rays only affect our skin in hot weather, though they are present even in winter sun.

If you’re having a course of any CryoPen treatments, then you should protect your skin between aesthetic clinic visits by wearing a high SPF sunscreen every day, and be mindful of your exposure to the sun if the treatment is during the summer months.

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