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CryoPen uses innovative technology to permanently remove imperfections on the surface of the skin, such as freckles, age spots, warts, verrucas, milia and skin tags, all of which are collectively known as skin lesions.

CryoPen is minimally invasive and will help you to achieve flawless skin in seconds, without the need for injections.

CryoPen is a handheld device that’s used to carry out Cryosurgery, a process that uses extreme cold created by nitrous oxide to freeze and destroy lesion tissue through the formation of ice crystals. These crystals then rupture the lesion membrane and destroy its cells. The pen-like end that makes contact with the skin allows CryoPen to target imperfections with great accuracy, meaning that there is no damage to healthy tissue.

CryoPen can be set to a number of power settings, which can be adjusted according to your lesion type. In more delicate places, such as the eye area, a shorter freeze time with a repeat procedure may be required to safely achieve the best results. In other instances, a verruca or a wart may take several treatments with a higher setting to completely remove it.

The procedure is painless, though you might feel a mild sensation similar to a stinging nettle when the nitrous oxide reaches the point at which the imperfection ends and unaffected, healthy skin begins. Slight residual stinging is common for a few minutes after the treatment and the area can be slightly itchy for about 10 minutes once the process is completed. For some clients, the procedure is totally painless as the extreme freezing temperatures act as an anaesthetic.
In terms of downtime, there is virtually none, though the area treated will take a short period of time to recover. A protective crust will form, which will naturally fall away within around two weeks, indicating that the skin is healed. Your skin may appear lighter in colour for a few weeks after, before then returning to its usual colour.

For most skin lesions, cryosurgery is a treatment that will remove them permanently. Depending on what kind of lesion you have, a series of treatments might be recommended.


  • Cryo Lesions (up to 2 Lesions)

    - £55

  • Additional Lesions

    - £10

  • Cryo Verrucas/Warts

    - £65

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