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How To Beat Blue Monday

Blue Monday is the name given to the Monday that’s midway through January. It’s got that title as it’s believed to be a day when you might be feeling a little bit low once Christmas and new year celebrations have passed, you’ve been back at work for a couple of weeks, and the weather is gloomy. This year, it falls on Monday 16th January. You don’t have to be down, though, as we’ve got some ideas at Christopher Maerevoet to help you beat Blue Monday!

Do Some Physical Activity

If you regularly go to the gym then you’ll know the feeling of accomplishment that you get after a workout. Exercise helps to boost the levels of serotonin and dopamine in the brain, which can help lift your mood and, by exercising on a regular basis, you can boost self-esteem and confidence. If you find it hard to get motivated to leave your home on a dark night to go to the gym, then how about getting an up-tempo playlist on and having a dance in your kitchen on the days leading up to Blue Monday? You’ll also burn around 200 calories an hour, so what’s not to love?

Review Your New Year’s Resolutions

How many New Years’ resolutions did you make? If you’ve decided that 2023 is going to be the year that you are going to give up drinking, eat your five a day, quit vaping, learn a language and write a book, then planning such a dramatic shift in your lifestyle could be tricky and overwhelming. Maybe review your list and commit to just one or two. This will be more manageable and you’ll find that if you can keep up with a much shorter number of resolutions. It’ll be easier for you to reach a state of self-accomplishment and empowerment, helping to keep the effects of Blue Monday at bay.

Beat Blue Monday By Getting Creative

Creative activities can be therapeutic because they help to focus your mind on a task while encouraging self-expression. When you’re engrossed in a creative activity, the focus helps to get rid of negative thoughts and your worries, allowing you to switch off from any day-to-day pressures. This activity could be as simple as doodling. Doodling might be a perfect antidote to Blue Monday as it is considered to relieve stress and improve focus.

Book Things To Look Forward To

Part of the anxiety that can be caused by Blue Monday is the feeling that the most exciting time of the year has just passed. Create things to look forward to later in the year by planning a train journey to visit friends in different places, a long weekend at the beach and…

Booking In At Christopher Maerevoet!

There’s nothing like pampering yourself to banish Blue Monday, and we have some aesthetic and beauty treatments that are particularly suited to this time of year. After the indulgences of Christmas, you might find that sugary foods and alcohol have had a damaging effect on your skin. Revive your skin with a Guinot Detoxygene Treatment from our range of facials. In just an hour, this treatment will free your skin of impurities, detoxifying while restoring its natural radiance.
If you’re thinking of going on holiday this spring or summer, you may want to plan ahead by booking IPL Hair Removal. This method works best when taken as a number of sessions spread weeks apart. By booking your course today, you’ll have the best results in time for when you go away!

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