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Spring Skincare: Why You Should Book A Chemical Peel Now!

January is considered to be the busiest month for treatments, as there’s a makeover mentality that comes with the start of the new year. There’s something psychological about the arrival of spring that also causes a spike in bookings and now is the ideal time to book in for a chemical peel in particular, to rejuvenate your skin after the harsh winter weather.

What Is A Chemical Peel?

A chemical peel is a solution applied to the face to remove dead skin cells and stimulate the growth of new ones. Some peels might contain similar ingredients to skincare products that you buy online or on the high street. Although, at Christopher Maerevoet, our peels are much stronger and more effective as they are formulated to contain higher concentrations of active ingredients, which is why they are only available from professional beauticians and clinics.

The aim of a chemical peel is to improve the appearance of the skin and, depending on what concerns you have, a specific peel will be recommended. For example, peels can be used to reduce age spots, even out skin tone, reduce wrinkles, and lessen the visibility of scars.

Why Choose A Chemical Peel This Spring?

Dryness is a common problem for many people over winter when cold temperatures can draw moisture away from the skin, making it rough and possibly even cracked. This can often be made worse during spring, as the weather can vary wildly from warm and sunny to cold and snowy, sometimes in the course of a single day! These regular temperature fluctuations further dehydrate the top layers of the skin, leading to skin cells becoming even more dry, dull, flaky and itchy.

A chemical peel is the perfect solution as the peel will remove the top layer of skin across your face, promoting cell rejuvenation and pushing new, healthy and fully hydrated cells up to the top. As a result, this treatment will leave your skin radiant, glowing and smooth.

Guinot Peels At Christopher Maerevoet

Guinot are world leaders in skin peels and their formulas are based on the latest scientific advances and discoveries in skin biology. Hydradermie Cellular Energy is their signature peel, created as an alternative to aesthetic treatments. Using thermal energy, their patented technology is designed to boost your skin’s cellular energy to enhance and rejuvenate your complexion. This unique treatment has eight bespoke variations, which we prescribe on an individual basis based on your skin type and beauty concerns.

From simple cleansing peels to more luxurious exfoliants, we have a chemical peel that’s just right for you!

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