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Christopher Maerevoet – Advanced Skincare In Southport

What does your daily facial skincare routine consist of? Whatever steps you take, there may be times when your skin could do with a little boost, which is why Christopher Maerevoet is a popular clinic for those seeking advanced skincare in Southport. Before we look at one of the most popular treatments available, let’s go through some of the common stages of basic skin care that you might carry out at home.

A Basic Skincare Routine

At the very least, cleansing and moisturising should be the essentials of your everyday skincare routine.

With your skin exposed to the elements on a daily basis, (as well as exposure to impurities in the air for urban dwellers), it’s really important to start your skincare routine by cleansing, which can be carried out with something as simple as micellar water. This first stage of skincare is essential to purify your skin and prepare it for the next stage, so that your moisturiser will work better.

When choosing moisturisers, many people that come to us for skincare in Southport are unaware that there are specific ones for specific skin types. Depending on your skin type, there will be one of three moisturisers that will be best for your skin.
Emollients fill gaps in the skin, which help it to retain moisture.
– Occlusives act by trapping water in the skin.
– Humectants work differently as they attract water.

Once you’ve found the right moisturiser for your skin, the daily skincare routine of cleansing and moisturising is a basic one that most of us will find manageable and easy to fit into our lifestyle. If you are looking to enhance the appearance for your skin, you may want to consider a treatment in advanced skincare in Southport at Christopher Maerevoet. One of the best treatments available is illumiFacial.


We’ve taken skincare in Southport to the next level with the introduction of the illumiFacial – the next generation of the highly successful Photofacial treatment series – to our clinic. It uses the Lumina machine, which is the UK’s number one laser and IPL machine, and works by using IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), where multiple light frequencies are targeted at the skin.

This process, along with the use of specialist Lynton skincare products, is a quick and simple facial treatment that gives outstanding results. It will dramatically improve your skin tone, resulting in a more uniform appearance across your face, helping your skin look and feel its best. Its non-invasive nature makes it the perfect alternative to more invasive treatments, which would otherwise require downtime while your skin recovers.

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Alongside the illumiFacial, we also offer a full range of other aesthetic treatments, which you can read about here. If you have any questions about advanced skincare in Southport at the Christopher Maerevoet Clinic, get in touch by calling us on 01704 545 113, or by emailing

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