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How To Combat Holiday Frizzy Hair

With schools having broken up for the summer, August is the most popular month to go on holiday. Whether you are staycationing or jet-setting off to another country, your annual get-away is a time to spend time in the water at the pool, enjoy days on sandy beaches, explore your new surroundings, and to eat lots! The holiday environment can play havoc with your locks though, resulting in frizzy hair. With that in mind, let’s take a look at the factors that can affect your hair when on holiday and how you can combat frizzy hair.   

Looking After Your Hair In The Sun

Sun is the first obvious enemy. UV rays from the sun can damage the outer cover of each of your hair strands. This can lead to your hair becoming discoloured, brittle and dry, as well as resulting in split ends and frizzy hair. Though it is tempting to stay out in the heat of the sun all day, we’d advise you to spend periods of the day in the shade, especially when the sun is at its highest in the sky, as at that time the rays of the sun will be at their strongest. If you are out and about exploring, then you’d be smart to wear a wide-brimmed hat that provides cover and shade for your entire head. If you do want your locks to be free and open to the elements, then perhaps use a leave-in conditioner to keep your hair moist.

Seawater And Your Hair

If you like spending time in the sea when you are on holiday, then it’s good for you to be aware of how seawater affects your hair, and the likelihood of it giving you frizzy hair.  If you are taking short swims, then there’s not too much to worry about. However, being in seawater for long periods of time isn’t something your hair will thank you for. This is because seawater can form salt crystals in your hair, giving it the wrong kind of body affecting its appearance and causing frizzy hair.

After spending time in the sea, make sure you rinse your hair with fresh water as soon as you get out. Then, once you’re back at your hotel, be sure to take time to wash and condition your hair thoroughly. It’s tempting to want to rush back out to enjoy the nightlife, though taking some time to pamper your hair will mean you can keep it in the best condition, helping you to combat holiday frizzy hair.

After giving some advice on prevention, we know that even if you’ve done all you can, you may return from your trip with your hair needing a little TLC. We’d love to help you with that at Christopher Maerevoet. We offer a range of Hair Treatments including the Express Fusio Dose Rituals. The first made-to-measure conditioning ritual, this treatment is based on a range of combinations to suit your hair’s needs, and there’s one that’s perfect for frizzy hair! 

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