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Our Best Laser Hair Removal Offer

The long, warm days of spring and summer lay stretched before us and as the temperature rises, our wardrobe shrinks. Shorts, skirts and sleeveless tops reveal body parts that we’ve kept under wintery wraps and our desire for smooth skin suddenly gains prominence. But don’t dismay – our Laser Hair Removal offer at Christopher Maerevoet eradicates the prospect of unsightly shaving rash and painful waxing.

Book a course of treatments now and unwanted body hair will fast become a distant memory.

The Science

Our clients deserve the best. At Christopher Maerevoet, we target body hair with an intense pulsed light (IPL) machine designed by Lynton, the industry leaders in laser devices. Considered by many esteemed aestheticians to be the most effective, safe and reliable device on the market, the handpiece is passed over the target area, emitting an intensely bright light in all directions. Light is absorbed by a pigment known as melanin, which gives hair its colour. This is converted into heat energy in a similar process as sun exposure warming black clothing. Intentional thermal trauma permanently damages the hair follicle, inhibiting future growth.

Take Advantage Of Our Laser Hair Removal Offer

Around 4-6 laser treatments are required for optimal results. The exact number depends on the area being treated and individual differences, including hair colour and other genetic factors. To ensure multiple treatments remain affordable, we offer our clients SIX SESSIONS FOR THE PRICE OF FIVE. The best news? Our Laser Hair Removal offer is not a limited-time deal, or dependent on a specific body area being targeted. Whether you’re treating your upper lip or full leg, when you book six treatments, the final one will always be FREE! Our permanent offer means that if you choose to treat a different area at a later date, you’ll receive the same great value for money.

The Hair Growth Cycle

Multiple treatments are required for long-term hair removal due to the body’s natural hair growth cycle. Hair grows in three phases: anagen (the growing phase); catagen (the regressing phase); and telogen (the resting phase). The anagen phase varies in length depending on the body area. Hairs on the scalp can grow for up to 7 years, however, 30-45 days is typical for the arms and legs. During the catagen phase, the follicle shrinks and hair growth slows. The telogen phase sees the growth of a new hair begin to develop in the follicle, however, the old hair is still present. Eventually, the hair is shed and replaced.

During your first IPL treatment, some hairs may be in the first phase of growth, whilst others may be in their last. As hair does not grow in unison, it can’t all be effectively treated in one procedure. Our Laser Hair Removal offer ensures that sufficient sessions are booked to target unwanted hair during different phases, eliminating it for good.

Which Areas Can Be Treated?

Due to advancements in technology, every area of the face and body can be treated by Lyton’s IPL device. Treatments are effective on all skin types, meaning our Laser Hair Removal offer caters for every single one of our clients. Popular areas include the legs, underarms, chest, back and upper lip, but procedures can be tailored to suit your individual needs. With prices for a single treatment starting at just £35, smooth skin is not only achievable, but also affordable.

Book Your Treatment At Christopher Maerevoet

Make the most of our Laser Hair Removal offer and schedule your first appointment at one of the most sought after clinics in Southport. Call 01704 545 113, email, or complete our online enquiry form. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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