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Take Advantage Of Our Money-Saving Laser Tattoo Removal Offer

Getting a tattoo is no longer a lifelong commitment. Due to advancements in technology, Laser Tattoo Removal can break down unwanted ink with impressive precision and excellent clinical results. Over time, you may come to regret your design choices but there’s no need to worry. At Christopher Maerevoet, we ease the Tattoo Removal process by offering a year-round deal to all clients booking a 6-session block.

The Science Behind Laser Tattoo Removal

The Q-Switched laser used in our clinic is considered the gold standard of Laser Tattoo Removal. This device is able to control the laser’s light output by concentrating energy into intense pulses, rather than a continuous wave. Nanoseconds of high-energy pulses lead to the fragmentation of ink pigments, which results in minimal damage to the surrounding tissues, reducing healing time.

The body naturally clears the shattered ink through a process called ‘phagocytosis’. This is a cellular mechanism for eliminating particles larger than 0.5 micrometres. Once the fragments have been eliminated, the tattoo gradually fades!

Our Unmissable Deal

Although your tattoo may have been completed in one sitting, its removal is a lengthier process. When your tattoo was performed, the needle forced ink into multiple layers of the skin but our Q-Switched laser targets one layer at a time. On average 6-8 sessions are required for effective results. Erasing old ink whilst saving money is the type of win-win situation we want to promote at Christopher Maerevoet. That’s why we’ve introduced a YEAR-ROUND offer on Laser Tattoo Removal – when you pay for five sessions, you’ll receive your 6th absolutely free of charge!

How Long Does It Take To See Results?

The time it takes to remove a tattoo depends on many factors, including its location, colour, age and size, in addition to how effectively your body accomplishes phagocytosis. Areas of light shading will disappear more quickly than the intense elements of your tattoo as less ink pigment has been driven into the skin. Laser Tattoo Removal sessions are spaced 3-6 weeks apart to allow the skin to heal and for the body to clear fragmented cell debris. After each treatment, you may experience redness and sensitivity similar to sunburn, followed by light scabbing. The next session cannot take place until this has settled. Tattoos begin to fade after just one session, but total removal is typically achieved between 6-12 months.

It is important to note that tattoo locations with low circulation, such as the hands and feet, can be more challenging to treat. Phagocytes are carried by circulating blood, meaning the elimination of ink fragments can be less effective in these areas.

Book Your Treatment At Christopher Maerveoet

An unwanted tattoo isn’t something you have to live with. Booking a Laser Tattoo Removal consultation at Christopher Maerevoet is the first step towards erasing an unwanted memory or rushed ink choice. During your consultation, your skilled practitioner will be able to give you a more accurate estimate of the time frame needed for tattoo removal, including the number of sessions you will need and how they will be spaced apart. Call 01704 545 113, or complete our online enquiry form to schedule your appointment.

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