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Non-Surgical Radio Frequency Skin Tightening With Focus Dual®

There’s a good chance you’ve already heard of Focus Dual® – the revolutionary radio frequency skin tightening device from Lynton that is often referred to as the non-surgical face and neck lifting system. Results that were once only possible through demanding and invasive procedures can now be achieved with minimal discomfort and downtime. This could be the procedure you’ve been looking for, and it’s right here at the Christopher Maerevoet Clinic!


What Is Focus Dual®?


Focus Dual® achieves remarkable radio frequency skin tightening results without the need for surgery through its novel combination of existing aesthetic technologies – radiofrequency microneedling and HIFU (high intensity focused ultrasound). Both of these highly advanced procedures are renowned for their skin rejuvenating capabilities, but by bringing them together to create one groundbreaking device, Lynton has given our experts the power to offer unrivalled results.

Suitable for treating both the face and the body, Focus Dual® sculpts, lifts and tightens the skin at every layer through the application of ultrasound energy and microtrauma channels. These processes stimulate the production of collagen and elastin – proteins that are known as 2 of the most important building blocks for a youthful complexion, but they slowly diminish as we age. Focus Dual® can slow this process down and encourage healthy skin behaviours for long-term results that are unmatched by comparable devices currently on the market.


Radio Frequency Skin Tightening At Christopher Maerevoet


The versatility of the Focus Dual® system combined with the skills and experience of your laser expert at Christopher Maerevoet guarantees that your treatment process will be tailored specifically to you and your skin concerns. From tackling the visible signs of premature ageing to creating a more sculpted jawline and everything in between, there’s a reason that Focus Dual® has created such a buzz throughout the aesthetics industry.

We take the time to understand your wants and needs so that we can design a bespoke treatment package that offers the best possible radio frequency skin tightening results for you. It all begins with a one-to-one consultation – book your appointment by calling 01704 545 113 or by emailing

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